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Dani's Holiday Gift Guide

FashionDanielle Piper
Dani's Holiday Gift Guide

We all know the Holidays bring out the best and the worst in people. It can easily become super stressful trying to get people the perfect gift.

Our stylist at Grace & Glam try our best to help you through what can be a stressful time. On a daily basis we log all of our sales. Each person has a client file that way if you know they shop at our store we can look up what they have purchased and help you select something in there size that they would like.

Also working closely with each of our clients we have gotten to know there personal style. We see them try things on that they love but don't pick up right away. We love the relationships that we build with our customers and pride ourselves on being able to pick out things that they would love.

For my personal wishlist I have chosen some items that are kind of fun and different for the holiday season.

  1. A Lack of Color Hat. If you follow me on my personal Instagram you would know I have been living in my hats from this brand. They are sized, however we offer a hat filler for you ladies with a smaller head. They are made of leather or wool so the quality speaks for itself. We have tons of options for you to choose from.
  2. A Denim Jacket. This one is from Amuse Society. I love how it is slightly oversized and has a bit of distressing on the elbows. You are probably thinking that it's winter in North Dakota. I get it... however with it being slightly oversized there is room for some layering underneath. It is also a style that is coming in for spring as well so you can wear it during all seasons.
  3. A Wildfox Sweatshirt. Wildfox is by far my favorite graphic brand. They have a ton of different materials and sayings to choose from. We have picked out our favorites every month to come to the store. This "indoorsy" crew neck sweatshirt is too funny for us girly girls. However you can't go wrong with any of the ones we have in the store. They are comfy and cute.
  4. Panties! What girl doesn't need panties. Wildfox gave us a blast from the past with the day of the week panties! They have hilarious sayings on them and are totally adorable. Any girl would love a set.
  5. Free People loafers. I live in my mules. Winter has come and I am still rocking them. I wear my Uggs to work if there is snow and then throw these on once I am there. They are super comfy and easy to wear with any outfit.
  6. Hobo leather wallet. This Lauren wallet comes in many different types of leathers. This is the hyde leather. As you can see in my second photo it is crazy spacious. Who doesn't want a wallet that can fit their phone and everything in it. It's a grab and go type of thing.
  7. Quay Australia sunnies. I don't know why but sunglasses sales always go down during the winter. In my mind it is way brighter in the winter time with the snow reflecting. These olive "High Keys" are a must. They are the perfect aviator.
  8. Five & Two Jewelry. What girl doesn't want a ring for Christmas? Even if you aren't ready for that "special ring" these make a great gift. My favorite is the gold/opal mixes that she makes. They are super delicate and easily layered with any existing jewelry pieces.
  9. Last but not least I have our Christmas Wishlist. Because lets be honest ladies, you guys are the ones reading this and not your boyfriends/husbands. So stop in and fill out one of these wishlists. Give it to your family members/significant others and have them bring it in. We will either get you something on your list or recommend something amazing if it is out of stock.