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Pure Confidence

FashionDanielle Piper
Pure Confidence

I remember my mom telling me that my sense of style was different from a very young age. She said she would take my sister and I shopping and I would always pick out things that had different stitching. I loved to dress myself and was decent at it.

Growing up with this huge passion inside of me it was kind of hard to explain. I knew that I loved people watching. Seeing their personal style show through and being creative in that was very inspiring to me. I would always dress unique but found myself saying "oh I can't wear that I live in Wisconsin" or "if I wear that then everyone will comment on it or stare at me." The crazy thing is the things I wanted to wear weren't obnoxious. They just weren't the brands and things everyone else was wearing. 

I think it is really easy to judge people that aren't just like you. But instead of judging them because they are different shouldn't we be happy for them because they found it. They found a way to look past the judgment and be confident in knowing who they are. The truth is we are the result of God's imagination; he made each and everyone of us to fulfill a destiny and purpose that is unlike the person next to you. How are we supposed to fulfill that if we are all trying to be like one another.

Being a stylist I have the power to make everyone kind of look like one another. Or all wear the same outfits anyways but that is not the point. The point for our store having stylist and our mission is to empower YOU to be YOU. We would love to come along side of you and help you put together things that you love. Outfits that you feel comfortable in. That will hold up in the laundry and are strong enough for everyday life no matter what your day looks like. We want to help you become the best possible version of yourself.

We want you to see yourself the way that God sees you. That is when you get your confidence. The pure kind of confidence that isn't proud. I struggled for a long time thinking that if I liked the way I looked I would become vain. I have now seen the huge difference in being purely confident and vainly confident. The difference is my confidence isn't coming from myself and people's approval it is coming from God's approval.

"There is no reason to compare. You are without rival." - Lisa Bevere


Photography: Gabe & Carin Photography

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