FashionDanielle Piper

Let's Talk Hobo Leather

FashionDanielle Piper
Let's Talk Hobo Leather

Good Morning!

I feel like we always focus so much on the clothing which isn't necessarily a bad thing. However for you ladies that have your basics covered... let's talk accessories.

We understand that most of the pieces in our store are an investment. That is why when it came to picking out a handbag line we made sure it would be one that would last.

Hobo uses four different types of leather with there bags and wallets. Each one of them is made to look better with age. Anyone who owns real leather products knows that the beauty comes from its impurities. Every item has a story which I believe is something truly special.

Not only is Hobo's leather top of the line but they styles they put together are truly versatile. Mechelle and I looked at many other leather brands. Each of them being different and amazing. Once we got to Hobo we had our hearts set. They create handbags and wallets for the working women. The purses have tons of pockets and storage. Including a phone pocket on the outside  so you can just slip it in and take it out. Can I get an Amen! Also the Lauren wallet (the wallets shown above) have a ginormous pocket in the middle for you to store you lipstick phone and anything else you need as well as having a place for your cards and ID. The two clasp pockets also have a ton of room for any other storage you may need.

What is my favorite?

Would have to be The Blaze Bucket Purse the handbag in the last photo. It is an olive green velvet leather! This handbag is adorable because it can be worn as a shoulder bag or the straps pull up to a backpack! And the tassel gets me too!

We want to have items in your closet that are versatile, unique and fashion forward. It is no wonder we chose Hobo to be part of our little boutique.


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