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Holiday Blessings

LifestyleDanielle Piper
Holiday Blessings

And just like that it's over and its back to reality. 

I have to admit as much as it is nice to be with my friends and family from back home it makes me thankful and appreciate the life that I have made here. 

I have created a life here in Williston that I never expected. To find my passion somewhere that isn't a city. I remember when I first decided to move here. I was excited for my next journey but was super scared because I had no job lined up. I moved on a whim and let things just fall into place. God moved and shifted things in my heart and life to perfectly align with his plan. 

I used to go home at least once a month. You see I am a huge mammas girl and felt a lot of separation anxiety at first. Even though I love to move and to travel this move was different for me. But then I opened up and stepped out. Met some of the most amazing people that I have ever met. 

When I lived in Wisconsin I had felt often that I was living how others expected me to. It isn't a bad thing however I knew there was something more out there. Now I have found my something more. Things started to change. It stopped becoming mandatory to go home for my sanity. It became more of a blessing then an obligation. I am now eager to get back to my bed and apartment. I look forward to my weeks at the store, my blogs and hanging out with my gal pals. 

For the first time ever I have friends with the same interests as me and that are at the same spot in their lives. You see no one just says "I am going to move to Williston, ND because it is beautiful there." People move here for opportunity. And through those opportunities I have found community and a huge part of myself I knew was in there somewhere but never was being used. The people in my life know the true me and being able to go home and share that person with all of my friends and family is the best blessing.

We all want to see our family members and friends at their best am I right? My time at home is filled with seeing old faces and sharing stories and glories about everything that is happening. It is filled with encouragement and laughs. I am able to do that because I have built and alter at my house and in my heart. You see ministry starts at home and we are destined for impact. Your impact will only be as powerful as you are inside. 

So lets be filled up so we can pour out this holiday season. 


Outfit Details 

Jeans: Mother Denim (High Waisted Black)

Sunglasses: Quay Australia (High Key Blue/Slv)

Photography: Gabriel & Carin Black