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Let's Pray Like Jesus

LifestyleDanielle Piper
Let's Pray Like Jesus

Do you ever get in a place with your relationship with God where you are on cloud nine with him and you can't imagine it being any different? Then life strikes... hits you in the face and you find your old habits trying too make there way up. 

I have definitely been in these funks. More then I like to admit. I will get on these amazing high's with God and then BAM! I find myself really just wanting to scream out to God and ask where he is at. But how selfish of me to think that he would lead me this far to just abandon me. 

Mechelle and I were talking about the power of worship the other day and mentioned the first time we ever did something bold for Jesus (like raising your hands in church). We talked about the insane feeling where the Holy Spirit just flows on top of you. You just want to live in that moment but then.... life happens. So as I am thinking about why can't my life be like that all the time.  It's not like God doesn't want us to feel that way. So the question then becomes... what am I doing to shut off the Holy Spirit?

First things first. Prayer. 

I started thinking about my prayer life. We get together and pray every Wednesday but other then that I pray a little bit during the day or thank him but I don't actually sit down and meet with him. Clear off my books and give him the time he deserves. 

This morning I woke up earlier then normal. Mostly because of the time change but I would like to give myself a little credit. Instead of getting on my phone right away like normal I went to my living room. Put on some worship music and dove into my bible study and prayer. 

And just like a big ol slap on the head my study was about the power of prayer. Not only the power but praying as Jesus did. And what did Jesus do you ask... he would leave. He would go somewhere quiet to be alone with the father. For everything! So instead of me just sitting here thinking that I can fix the fact that I want more of God's presence in my life shouldn't I be discussing this with the King himself? 

"Jesus didn't live in response to people, He lived in response to the Father." 


Photography: Gabriel & Carin