LifestyleDanielle Piper


LifestyleDanielle Piper

The life and things I have now are more then I ever dreamt I would. However even in this amazing spot that God has placed me in I still will feel loads of resistance and trials. If not more trials then I had before. 

Today I sat through a sermon that had a powerful lesson on God's blessings. He only will bless you as much as you allow him to. He referenced our lives being similar to a runway. God will not load you up to be a big plane that doesn't have a safe place to land. He is equipping you with what you can handle and placing you on safe solid ground. The fact that we fill our lives with so many things that we put before God. We think that we are living blessed lives but the reality is we are just hindering God from being able to bless us with the real thing.  

I picture it similar to a Christmas stocking. When you start your journey with Christ he starts to unload this stocking. Giving you little things of encouragement along the way. As you make sacrifices and advances in your walk with him he just continues to unload. He is an encouraging, bountiful, thoughtful miracle worker. He is the one who holds our dreams and knows the ways to get there. Once you get on the right path I truly believe that those passions and desires that you always had have a huge part to do with his plan for your life. 

This isn't to say that you won't have resistance. Today he spoke on "the bigger the trail, the bigger the trial". Before my biggest issue was if my boyfriend liked me or not. Today the issues I face are a lot different. The Devil hates your success. He hates that you are happy and close to God. He wants to do anything he can to derail you and put you back where you were before. 

This past week have been complete chaos in my life. I have so many things changing around me and all I can think is "God where are you?". That is when he reassures me that he is right there along with me. He is not about to let anything happen that isn't suppose to. So the true question isn't where he is in all of this but rather "What are you about to do with this?" and "What do you want me to do?" We serve a God who is powerful. When he sees us going off on our own track he can have an epic way of grabbing our attention. I personally love that about Him. 

I think instead of making our selves so comfortable in our blessings from him we should continue to want more. We should want to be closer then we already are to him and to always be yearning to experience more and more of him.

One of my favorite parts of today was learning about "The Cycle". I receive, I consume, I contribute. It is so easy to receive things, it is also very easy to bask in those things and sit and rest in that state of blessings. A lot of people ignore the sacrifice. But that is the most important part. Because that is how the cycle starts again and you fall in love with God all over again and you see his power all over again. 

My challenge for you this Holiday season is to stop being complacent. Stop shutting down the cycle at consume. What can we remove in our lives to get closer to him. I don't know about you but I would give everything I had if he called me too. As much as I love everything he has blessed me with I would drop it in two seconds if he asked me to. Because anything without Him is nothing. 



Photography: Gabe & Carin Black