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Uninterrupted Peace

LifestyleDanielle Piper
Uninterrupted Peace

I feel like every Sunday post of mine is more or less me reflecting on my week. I hope that is okay with everyone. I suppose if it wasn't you guys would stop reading. 

I picked up this book over the weekend and it speaks about the creativity within us. It talks about women empowerment and letting those types of creative juices poor out of you and to truly be yourself. I am all for it. I absolutely love being around individuals who are just pushing through the conformities and being themselves. For so many of us and what used to be me. I would see women or men like that and just envy it. I didn't understand how they could just be that bold and fearless of judgement. 

That was until I met Jesus. 

One of the statements I read that really has been resinating with me is.

"She lived in a state of uninterrupted peace, and she pushed everyone to do the same."

I have become a little obsessed with this thought. I have been told in the past that I have a child like faith. It can also be interpreted and a reckless faith. I love to think of it as bold and truthful. I believe that those who are struggling with there confidence and boldness in who they are made to be are not truly been listening to their creator. I know this because I was there. I was that girl who wasn't listening to what God wanted me to do. I knew what was right and wrong and would only do them if they benefitted me at the time. 

I knew that I wasn't being fully utilized at my old jobs. I knew my relationship wasn't as passionate as it could have been. Even my friendships weren't as deep as they could have been. That was until I gave all of those things to him. 

  1. I entrusted him with my relationship. In doing that I grew deeper into my relationship with God and started to rely on him for things I would normally seek in a significant other. The big ones being self worth and attention. I became addicted to spending time with him. Listening to worship music was/is huge for me. I love to sit in my living room and just worship by myself. (I know I am a weirdo.) 
  2. Moving to the middle of no where and praying over my meetings with people I prayed for trustworthy friends. Friends where I can completely be transparent and they would love me for me. In this little town I have met some of the most amazing best friends I have ever experienced. Don't get me wrong I still love my besties back home too. However moving to a new place can sometimes be scary and he planted all the right people at the right times that way I haven't had a chance to think about home. 
  3. Before I left my Prison Ministry job I prayed that God would have something perfect for me and that when I came across what it was that he would just tell me. "Here it is." I quit my job because he gave me the go ahead. I moved without knowing where and when my next paycheck would be. I moved here to Williston and was here for three weeks. I was going to head back home for a CD release party I was involved in and right before I went home I walked into Grace & Glam. Obviously if you are reading this Blog you probably know about my journey with Mechelle and the store. It has been the biggest blessing in my life this far. Looking back at all of those jobs I have had and things I have been through are so worth it knowing this is part of my journey. 

I know most of you will know those parts of my story. However what I am getting out of it is that you can't just jump over the crap parts of your journey. They make you who you are. The confidence, the security, the peace bubble comes when you start to listen to what he is asking of you. I was stubborn. I lived literally in the woods for seven years not doing anything for the kingdom. I hate that I missed out on that time. However once I was ready and I said alright God lets do this. I hopped in the car with him as the driver seat and it has been insane but so worth it.  

My advice for you this evening is to start saying yes. Say yes to him whatever it is he is asking of you. Small or big. Something small to you could be the biggest thing ever to the person that may be impacted by it. 

The peace bubble comes from the level of protection that God puts around your heart. He transforms everything and you can live in this state of knowing you are taken care of and that nothing else matters. Nothing in this world is forever but eternal life is people.