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My New Years Resolutions

LifestyleDanielle Piper
My New Years Resolutions

I think it is healthy to set some goals for yourself. That being said I also think that it is good to be happy where you are at as well. If we are always seeking out to be better or to have nicer things we make it impossible to enjoy the blessings that we currently have.

This last year has been a tremendous year of growth for me in every aspect of my life. As this year is coming to a close I have been praying a lot about spiritual growth and asking God to align me with him. I asked him to bring things to my attention that I should work on either implementing into my daily life or removing. That brings me to my list of resolutions.

  1. Fitness: I am sure this is on everyone's list. I find myself putting everything before this on my list usually. I take really good care of my skin, hair and clothes. However when it comes to eating healthy it seems overwhelming to me. I am not sure why. So one of the things on my list isn't necessarily loosing weight and getting more fit, but being knowledgeable about what I am putting into my body. Also I am in a couple of weddings here pretty soon so it wouldn't hurt to loose a couple pounds. ha
  2. Cooking: Along with the above resolution. I grew up in a house where we were always on the go. I loved it. We were constantly on different adventures and seeing all sorts of things. However this didn't leave much time for cooking and prepping meals. This year I am making it a priority to trying new foods and learning how to make them myself.
  3. Quality > Quantity: Over the last year I have learned this with clothes. I have learned to buy the more expensive stuff and it lasts longer. However I have not done that when it comes to home decor and lifestyle purchases. This year I am going to be more conscious about my buys and start with the less is more.
  4. Keep a Boiling Faith: I listened to a sermon where they talked about Christians who are warm versus being boiling. Over the past year I have dived deeper into my relationship with God. I think when times get really good it is easy to put that on the back burner. I don't want to do that. I want to keep him in the center of everything that I am doing. I started a prayer journal to keep track of all of the things God is doing in my life and I challenge you to do the same.
  5. Grace & Glam: Of course I have some resolutions that are completely separate for Grace & Glam. God is totally on the move with the store and I can't wait to see everything he has planned for 2018.

I will say that in the past my new years resolutions were focused on making changes so that I liked myself more. This year it is different. I love the way God is transforming my thinking and welcome the new year knowing he is going to be leading some amazing healthy changes in my life. This year when you are thinking about changes that you are going to make, make them for the right reasons. Make the list look more like what can I change/get rid of in my life that is not honoring God and will bring me closer to him.

My prayer for you in this new year is that we will all become boiling & passionate about what God is doing in your life.

"Being fired up about God isn't a type of personality it's an act of obedience."