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It All Started When

LifestyleDanielle Piper
It All Started When

I decided to follow Gods will for my life instead of my own. I decided that his plan was what would sustain me in life. So I left. I left my relationship, dog, house and job. It was the hardest yet most rewarding thing I have ever done. My heart was broken but my relationship with Christ sustained me.

I first moved to Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Started an Event Director & Worship Leader position with 513FREE. 513FREE is a full-time Prison Ministry that is breaking the cycle of incarceration. My days were filled with having meetings with inspiring people who were on fire for God and worshiping with people who were just as broken as me. There is something so powerful about being at your end and seeing no way up. That is when you get the see the true power of our creator. After some time I felt God asking me to move to North Dakota. At this time I felt very empowered but did not understand why I was supposed to go.

So I moved. I moved to Williston, North Dakota. A lot of people asked why and for the first few weeks I began to wonder the same thing. Until I decided to check out this shop in town. Grace and Glam Boutique. I walked in and immediately got chills. There was Christian music playing in the background and my passion for clothing has been undeniable since a very young age. That is when I met the owner. I asked her right away if she was hiring and she was not. However we began to chat and I shared a bit of my testimony. Before I left Mechelle had asked me to start working there.

Some time has passed and it is undeniable that the work of God was all over our meeting that day. What I didn't know... Mechelle had felt a huge calling to open up a boutique. She didn't understand why and if it was even going to go well. But against her better judgement she said "Yes" to him and Grace & Glam was started. Once opened she knew the brands she loved and what to put in but wasn't quite sure on a lot of merchandising and social media pieces.

Once I started my position at Grace & Glam things just really began to take off. I didn't feel like I was working. I couldn't get enough of the place. I finally felt like I was getting my purpose back and that my life was aligning with what he had intended for me. Grace & Glam has become not only a boutique where women and men come to shop, but a place where they come to share stories and build one another up. We have become a place where people come and know they can have a positive experience because each of our workers is filled with the Holy Spirit.

I have been through a lot this last year and a half. Anyone who knows me previous would know a completely different person. But that is the best part of it. Because the only explanation for the dramatic life change and happiness is my relationship with God. And choosing to live my life how he intended and not how I had intended it to be. Yes, I would have been fine and possibly lived a happy life but the life I am living now is overwhelmingly happy and fulfilling.

My blog will be filled with fashion, stories, funniness, & adventures. Strap in because if it's anything like my last year and half your in for quite the ride.



Photo Credit : Gabriel & Carin Photography