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The List

LifestyleDanielle Piper
The List

So now what...

You have this defining moment where you realize that Jesus is all you need and you do what. For me it was waiting to see what doors he was going to open. Thankfully in my case he made things very clear as to what I needed to do.

I moved to Eau Claire and became a full time Worship Leader and Event Director for a missions organization called 513FREE. As I began my journey to rediscover my Savior. It soon became very apparent to me all of the things I had been doing that were keeping me distant from God.

So that is when I made "The List". It was nothing fancy I just put together a list of all the things I was putting before Him. Some of them being small things like social media, music choices, finding a "significant other", and seeking approval from others. You see these are the things that society tells you, you need. You need a husband, a house, a good job, new car, lots of likes and followers on social media, you need to be pretty, and happy. The reality is all you need is God and he provides the rest.

This list of mine has continued to be a project but I can say that I am making better choices now then I ever have. And I am closer to Him then I ever have been.

During the ongoing process of making God my first priority I started filling my life with "Life Giving" situations and people. I set goals for myself and started to see myself the way God sees me. I stopped seeing myself for all the mistakes I had made and all the bad things I had done. I was becoming Pure one day at a time.

I truly understand the meaning of "Finding Your Identity in Christ". I stress the importance of it because I believe that is when you get to really see all the blessings that he has in store for you. This last 2 years when my journey began I have been able to do so much. These things would not have been possible if I had stayed still. If I had ignored him and continued to be selfish and stay comfortable.

Next week I will start to dive in to a couple things that were on my list. I will tell you about how his miraculous power has healed me from things in my past that the Devil meant to destroy me.

Until next Sunday.