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Mechelle's Travel Essentials

FashionDanielle Piper
Mechelle's Travel Essentials

Some of my favorite blogs to read are ones where people are talking about their favorite products! Mechelle recently went to Las Vegas so I decided to ask her what her must haves were. Obviously this may vary depending on where you are headed.

1. A Cross body handbag! It is the worst to have to lug around your huge tote bag with you when you are trying to shop and travel. Mechelle uses the YSL wallet purse.

2. If you are going somewhere warm. Which lets face it anywhere is warmer then North Dakota. You should pack some kind of slouchy cardigan or jacket. That way when you are styling in your sundress during the day you have something to drape over your shoulders for warmth at night. Mechelle's favorite is her Cupcakes & Cashmere Bregan Dolman Sleeve Cardigan.

3. LIP BALM! We all know how airports and traveling leave you feeling dry! Make sure to pack a lip balm in your cute cross body. It helps. I promise. She is obsessing over her Vaseline with Shea Butter.

4. One "Fancy" dress. We love to pack something that can easily be worn dressed up or dressed down. Simple is better. Mechelle packed her Burgundy Obi Dress by LAmade. It is a mid length t-shirt dress that goes perfect with some heels and a little jacket. Also super comfy for the plane ride home with some loafers.

5. Sunglasses are everything on a trip. If you left it up to me and I would at least bring like 5 pairs but this is about Mechelle. She has been packing the Karen Walker's. Oversized sunglasses are perfect especially when you have to catch and early flight and don't want to show your no make-upped face.

6. Lotion up butter cup. I know hotels give you a little thing of lotion but lets be real that will cover maybe one leg. Nothing is worse then putting on that perfect dress and having some flaky legs. Okay well there is a lot of things worse then that however we are just trying to prevent. Mechelle is packing Jergen's for her lotion needs.

7. Last but not least DRY SHAMPOO. Yes Lord. Thank you for the gift of dry shampoo. Being as Mechelle has deeper roots it is hard to find a dry shampoo that doesn't leave you with white dusty residue. She went through the hassle of trying all the not so good ones and has her heart set on Living Proofs dry shampoo. It is a game changer and life saver.





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