BeautyDanielle Piper

My Daily Makeup Look

BeautyDanielle Piper
My Daily Makeup Look

I would have to say the the most popular question I get are ones asking about my skincare & makeup products! I am happy to share my tips and tricks with you guys. 

Well here it is! I am going to try and do a "tutorial" soon. We will see how that turns out.

First things first! As a makeup artist for Clinique for several years I learned that your makeup is only going to look as good as your skin is underneath. Thankfully from a very young age I have learned how important it is to have a good skincare regimen. If you want to know what skincare products I use you can look up my blog post "That Glow Though".

After I have prepped my skin I go in with some foundation. I try not to use to much. I have some freckles on my cheek bones and nose that I like to keep exposed especially in the summer. So my foundation is mostly used for my forehead and around the outer lining of my face and blended down my neck. I use a flat kabuki brush from Sigma to do this. I have literally had this brush since beauty school and it doesn't shed and looks as good as it did when I originally bought it.

After my foundation is blended and looking seamless I go in with my Shape Tape concealer in Medium. I don't use a color that is lighter then my foundation. Because I use it on either blemishes and my main spot is on my for head I have a slight red birthmark that I cover. To blend this out I use a damp beauty blender. I have tried basically every kind of beauty blender you can. And the original beauty blender is the way to go. It blends everything out so naturally and picks up all the access product leaving your skin the right amount to dewy.

Then I go in with my cream products. I love a dewy natural finish so I don't like to use a lot of powders. The only time I will set my makeup with powder is if I need it to last like a crazy long time. Otherwise I don't tend to have a huge issue with my makeup coming off or moving during the day.

I am obsessed with my cloud paint from Glossier! I use the shade dusk. It is the perfect nude/peach tone. If you aren't fermilar with cloud paint is a cream blush!

 I also use a cream highlighter by Cover FX it is life changing if you love a highlight. You can put a coupe drops of it in your foundation too or your moisturizer. I wouldn't advise doing each of them in one look, but hey to each their own.

Last but not least for face makeup I bronze the outer areas of my face and my cheek bones with Hourglass bronzer. It has a little bit of shimmer and has two shades in it so it blends perfectly with everything else. I use a big fluffy brush from Real Techniques for that.

Then comes the brows. I use Anastasia Beverely Hills Pomade in soft brown to fill in my brows. I mostly fill in the outer sides of my brows and then use my NYX brow gel to go over them.

Last but not least I pop on a bit of mascara on my top lashes and call it a day! My favorite mascara is by Lancome!