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Staying Grounded

LifestyleDanielle Piper
Staying Grounded


It has been a bit. I apologize for you guys that follow along with me weekly. To be honest it has been difficult for me to find the time to post on Sundays lately. Life has been CRAZY. A lot of awesome things going on that are making it difficult to find time to sit down a type. 

Today I wanted to talk about staying grounded while everything else in life is taking flight. It can either be one of God's biggest blessings to be busy all the time or it can be the Devils greatest temptation.

This year I am making some big life changes as far as my eating habits and physical health go. I have learned that in order to achieve goals you have to make them achievable. What has worked for me is instead of saying I am never drinking pop again, I just tell myself "Today I am not drinking pop." I have not had a pop since the beginning of the year at this point. Which if you know me is actually insane because I am a Mountain Dew girl all the way. 

Now that I am getting that under control I am using the same technique on what I fill my days with. I have worked very hard to remove things in my life that I can easily put priority over my relationship with God. So when I think about my day as a whole I want to fill them with things that draw me closer to him. 

  1. First things first, friendships. Who are you surrounding yourself with on a daily basis. Who are the people that are speaking into your life? Are they speaking life and truth or are they sucking you dry. It is OKAY to not be friends with people. That doesn't mean that you have to be rude to them or say no sorry can't hangout you are draining. It just means you limit your time. If you feel yourself getting sucked in to the drama or leaving the conversation feeling convicted then it is probably something that you need to monitor. Spend more time with God that way you are strong enough spiritually to handle those types on encounters and friendships with grace and love. 
  2. Second thing for me would be social media and shows. I am a girl who LOVES you-tubers and bloggers. However I can say I have had to go in and clean up my feed a bit. Instead of following people who are constantly showing off their sexy bodies and high end lifestyle. I follow girls who are realistic and have good tips on getting fit & living a better lifestyle. Not just showing off what they have so you feel like crap and that you can't achieve anything. As far as shows go. I used to love scary movies and shows such as (Kardashians, Real Housewives of Anything, & Bachelor). I still do however, I have given God priority over all of those things. It was partially forced because I don't have Dish however I like to call that God's provision. 

Those two things are the biggest influences on my life I would say aside from God. I challenge you to revamp what people and things are speaking into your life. Start to protect your time and your days and fill them little by little with people and things that draw you closer to Him. He is right there we just have to start making the decision to unveil the curtain instead of putting up more. 

"God had a dream and wrapped your body around it. Life is the adventure of discovering that dream and learning who you really are."