My Body Is My Temple

My Body Is My Temple

I have heard it a million times. You are what you eat.

I grew up in a household where you we didn't emphasize on cooking. We loved a fast pace lifestyle that involved adventures and being on the go. In other words lots and lots of take out. As a kid you love it! Even now that I am older I still love it. However as my lifestyle changed from going out all the time with your gal pals to having bible studies at night and staying up late working.

I have recently found myself changing my skincare habits to find options that are more on the natural side and toxin free. While doing that I naturally started to be more knowledgeable about  things that are bad for you. That is when I started to realize how not eating very often and not eating the right things really can effect your life.

I like to think that I live a pretty exciting lifestyle and on the go still. As much as I can anyways. About a month ago is when I found out about this program that helps with the acid in your stomach. It helps your body naturally balance the PH in your body so that you can digest food and burn fat properly. I have literally never tried to change my eating habits before. Besides at the beginning of the year I stopped drinking pop.

I couldn't stop imagining what it would be like to be back to my high school self. Energetic, athletic, and still creative and spunky. The things that I would consume during the day would leave me feeling sluggish.

However I decided that if I am going to do this that is can't just be because I would like my appearance to look better. I NEED it to be spiritual. If I didn't I knew that I would maybe try it for a week or so and then fall of the band wagon and not feel guilty at all! So I asked God to change that. I asked him to make it more about the fact that he gave me this body to treat it the best that I possibly can. I asked him to help change my thoughts on food being overwhelming and bring me someone who can help me understand what I am doing.

I am happy to say that I started my journey to changing my lifestyle and so far I feel night and day different. I can't even explain to you how energized and clear I feel. I don't know why it took this long for me to fully wrap my head around the entire clean eating thing but I am so thankful that God took over. At this point I am never looking back.

Here is to a new year, new me, new experiences, and lets be real new CLOTHES!