What ever it is Get rid of it.

What ever it is Get rid of it.

What is it?

What is that thing that God has put on your heart to get rid of in your day to day life that is hindering you from exploding with his presence.

I was in a bible study this week where we were talking about the past and situations that we have been in. It brought me back to a really vulnerable place where I was remembering how I felt when I made the big decision to leave my old life behind. As I was talking about the strength that God not only gave me in that time but people that were surrounding me.

Doing things for God is not always going to be a cakewalk. It isn't like once you do something he asks there is rainbows and chariot to pick you up. There is a reason why they call it suffering for the kingdom.

I have gotten so caught up in the last couple of months with the exciting things happening this summer. I have been planning and working on social media stuff and ideas of our new space. All of those things are great and all but this conversation the other day at this bible study brought me back. Reminded me of just how Powerful our God truly is. Everything that I have in my life at this moment was because of the suffering I had to do.

I have had to do more sacrificing in the last couple of months but I have come to find that my heart now associates sacrifice with growth. You see that is how God takes away the grip of sin. In my case he took the one thing that I feared the most. Suffering and made it something that I GET to do for him. He has made it this beautiful act of obedience and because of that I don't feel the same way I did before.