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Get To Know Me Q + A

LifestyleDanielle Piper
Get To Know Me Q + A

I was going to do a life update Q + A but the questions there were more of a getting to know me. Since I have quite a few new followers and subscribers I thought why not.

  1. What is your full name?

    Danielle Nichole Piper

  2. How many siblings do you have?

    I have one older sister named Britany. She is 28. We are complete opposites yet completely the same. It’s weird. You would hear our voices in a video and literally not be able to tell whose voice is whose.

  3. Which place do you like to visit most often?

    I am blessed with a job that allows me to go to LA twice a year. It’s my most anticipated trip I get to take. It’s always filled with good food, good people, amazing fashion & shopping experiences.

  4. What is your favorite type of food?

    I love me some Mexican food. Spicy is my thing.

  5. What are your hidden talents?

    Not sure if they are much hidden but I am pretty musically inclined and creative. I love to do anything that pushes me in those areas.

  6. What type of movies do you like?

    I would say comedy is my favorite. Second runner up would be scary movies.

  7. How often do you use social media?

    Well…I am a social media director so I would say a fair amount. Luckily I have a lot of apps and tools I use to make my time actually uploading and what not pretty minimal.

  8. What’s your biggest dream?

    I would say to be able to leave an impactful legacy on all the people I meet. I love living my life in a way that is unknown and not guaranteed. Of course I have financial goals and life milestones I would love to see met but my priorities are more focused on my heart and the way I treat others. I love relationship.

  9. What is your favorite childhood memory?

    Growing up in upstate New York my favorite childhood memory was playing on the St. Lawrence River and going up in the mountains to “Camp” (the cabin).

  10. Describe yourself in three words?

    Adventurous, Deep & Sarcastic.

  11. Which season is your favorite?

    I absolutely love seasons. I could not live somewhere it is hot all the time. I would say my favorite season is fall. Living in North Dakota it’s a little different because there is no trees. However getting that crisp air in the house with candles lit is my jam.

  12. Who has inspired you the most?

    I would say my relationship with God is my biggest source of guidance. However talking about inspiring people would have to be my Grandpa Cliff. He passed away and his legacy has molded who I am today for sure. He was an inspiration to everyone who knew him.

  13. Are you romantic?


  14. Are you a workaholic?

    My job is very much my lifestyle. When those things are combined it doesn’t feel like work. I would say that I have a nice balance because the two aren’t really separated and I basically get paid to do things I naturally do.

  15. What are you three priorities in life?

    My relationship with God, my work & my health.